Phase II — April 1-5, 2024

This accelerated version of the home course is now available for people who desire to minister for the Lord with chalk art. In contrast to the three-week home course, this course can be done in four days! Learn to be a chalk artist in a small group setting from Matt's proven step-by-step methods.


Artistic ability is beneficial but not necessary. Ideal age is 14-100


  • Chalk art history
  • Chalk art equipment
  • Advanced drawing techniques
  • Hidden black light images
  • Presentation techniques and message preparation
  • 7-10 Full drawings with blacklight
  • One-on-one instruction

Time Frame

4-1/2 Days


Alpha Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina and other locations


Matthew Bowman


$395 Course fee

Accommodation: Group hotel rates available


  • Black Light Chalk - $35
  • Regular Chalk - $1.50 per stick as needed
  • Paper - $1.30 per sheet as needed


April 1-5, 2024

To sign up for the next Phase Two. Students must complete Phase One to attend. To Register for Phase Two, print the APPLICATION & LETTER and mail in the registration. If you have any questions call David at 336-725-2041

Draw pictures like this after three days!