Chalk Art Tools

Some basic items for for drawing and cleanup.

Sanding Blocks

Large sanding blocks -Fine/ Medium

Tones rough paper making drawing easier and paper smoother. 3"x5".

Item: #1069    Only $3


Foam Blender- (non-abrasive)

Blending blocks

New Breakthrough! A soft foam block that is 3x5x1". Blends without sanding the paper. Saves chalk! This block blends the chalk in without the waste caused by sanding. This blender improves and gets softer with use.

Item: #1167    Only $1.25


Kresco® Hand Soap 250ml Tube

Kresco® Hand Soap 250ml Tube

This soap is without a doubt the best chalk-removing soap available. Eternity Arts has been using this soap in classes and in production of chalk for several years. Since our chalk is highly pigmented, it demands a better soap than what you can get off the shelf. While this product is more expensive that go-jo®, it is much more concentrated and does not have the sand type pumice that damages your hands and plugs drains. Kresto® contains ASTOPON®, all natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers. It will not leave your hands raw or chapped. Kresto® is a water-soluble cleaner that is the ideal replacement for thinners and other technical solvents. The product actually works best when mixed with a little water as you scrub your hands. Try using Kresto and see the difference!

Item: #2000    Only $4.29