Chalk Artist Supplies

Over 60 Colors of chalk... more

For the sidewalk artist, gospel artists, and many other uses. You can purchase any of our basic chalk colors by the stick or in selected sets. For optimum vibrancy, try our fluorescent chalk. It "pops" on paper or sun-lit concrete! And especially for inside presentations, we have a nice assortment of black light chalk for some incredible special effects.

Plus, we some other essential chalk artist supplies like sanding blocks, blending blocks, Kwik-Wipes, and hand soap. If you need bogus paper, we carry that as well.

Gospel Artist Drawing Equipment

Easels, lighthoods, ... more

Whether you are a full-fledged gospel artist or aspiring to be one, there are basic tools of the trade that you need. One of those items is a good-quality easel with a lighthood if you are going to be doing special effects with your drawings. And of course, if you're creating "hidden images" with black light chalk you'll need black light bulbs and black light safety glasses..

As your audience grows in size, your need for voice amplification will increase dramatically. Here's a great amplifier, speaker, and microphone system that will provide nice-sounding, broadcast volume for your presentations.

Formal Chalk Art Training

Courses, training events ... more

If you are new to chalk drawing, you what to check out the introduction to chalk drawing. It answers the question, who can be a chalk artist. Then you should read the history of chalk art so you can see how this amazing art form has changed and grown over the years.

For the optimum training experience, we offer a live Phase I class where you can get instant feedback, great one-on-one instruction, and meet other experienced and beginning artists. This live class is only scheduled one time a year so if you don't want to wait for a class, you can get the next best thing in the comfort of your own home — the whole Phase I Course on DVD. In either case, you can meet the Phase I Instructor right here.

Once you've mastered the basics, you're ready for advanced training in our Phase II course. Sorry, this course is only available in a classroom setting, once a year. But, it's definitely worth the wait and the investment in time and money!

Phase II Classes Coming April 1-5, 2024.
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Books and DVDs

Art presentations and tips ... more

Need some ideas for your own chalk art presentation. We've got a great a book that will get your creative juices flowing. We also have a number of fascinating chalk artist video presentations on DVD that will inspire and give you lots of great chalk drawing tips. And then, as a way to promote your chalk drawing avocation, grab some beautiful note cards featuring some of Matt Bowman's best gospel drawings on the front.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the chalk made?

It is made by hand, on site in Boyne City, Michigan, USA

How fast is our shipping?

Orders placed by 1:00 EST usually go out the same day or the following day. If you have an event you have to get the chalk by, please contact us to insure we can get it there on time. Eternity Arts ships most orders by UPS

What surfaces can your chalk mark or draw on?

The many uses for Lectures chalk. Surfaces include wood, paper, animals, faces, plaster, masonry, concrete, blacktop and many more. It draws on some rough blackboards, but is not recommended for all since some blackboards are too smooth.

What makes our chalk unique and special?

We manufacture the most vibrant colors in the world. They are buttery, bendable, bold colors. Our chalk is some of the richest pigmented pastels in the world. They are artist quality, fine art pastels.

Is there a way to preserve the chalk drawings?

Chalk is a temporary marking, but can be set to insure less smearing with a regular chalk fixative or just regular aerosol hairspray.

Does the chalk wash off?

Since our chalk is so highly pigmented, some of the darker colors leave a stain even if washed off. It takes longer for this stain to come off if outdoors. Dish soap works great for general cleaning. Hand soaps with pumice like gojo work well, but the best soap we have found so far is the Kresto soap made from walnut shells. Some people power wash the drawings off the concrete or use dish soap water and a push broom as a scrubber. You can then just hose it down with lots of water.

Are there large quantity discounts?

If you are from a large organization or city, discounts may apply to orders of 72 of a solid color case. Contact us for more information at 231.675.9210

How to I blend the chalk?

For softer surfaces like paper, and smooth concrete, the hand works well. For rougher surfaces, try a small piece of outdoor carpet, paintbrush, rag or piece of foam.

How do I clean chalk if it gets dirty?

The chalk gets dirty when it comes in contact with other colors either at the time of shipping or just being in a box with other colors. Our chalk can be easily cleaned with a soft rag of paper towel by brushing it off over a trashcan. Some people even use a paint brush to brush it off. Do not use water or a damp cloth to clean it. Just because the chalk is dirty does not mean you need to buy more! Storing the chalk: Store in a damp free environment out of direct sunlight. If your chalk gets moldy or damp, it is not ruined, just dry it out in the sun or in an oven on very low heat (100-125 degrees)

Is the chalk Safe?

While we have not yet obtained an "official" stamp of approval for a nontoxic label we are confident that we will receive that approval. In the meantime, MSDS sheets are available upon request.