Meet Your Instructor

Matt BomanMatthew Bowman was introduced to chalk art as he watched Bll Gothard draw in the 1980s. Matthew thought that chalk art would be an excellent way to share the Gospel in the neighborhood Bible club that he and his sister had started. He had a great desire to tell people about Christ, and he saw chalk art as a tool to convey the message to the hearts of people.

Matthew had little art talent, but it looked so easy that he decided to find a chalk art class and become a chalk artist. His dad, Phil, offered him a choice between a fishing trip to Canada or a chalk art class with Ding and David Teuling. He chose the chalk art class, attending with his dad.

The first day in class, Matthew and his dad realized their lack of art talent. After the first day, they asked for their money back. After some discussion and tears, the agreed to stay and learn what they could. One of the main reasons they stayed was that Matthew had promised to draw for a Vacation Bible School at their church when they returned.

Matthew refused to give up and spent the next several years perfecting his artistry one stroke at a time. Ding had taught Matthew to observe his surroundings, examining the artistry of the Creator. This was the starting point for Matthew.

In the early years, Matthew would learn one or two drawing a year, practicing them over and over again in the churches where he and his family ministered as they traveled. Many people helped him along the way. In the following years, Matthew received lessons from Wanda Cumiings Vincent, Esther Frye, and Dan Ondra. Each of these instructors gave him the instruction and encouragement he needed to go forward.

In 1995 Matthew was asked to organize a chalk training program and teach chalk art to young people in the Advanced Training Institute. He was certainly a "least likely." He began to help other people learn chalk art using a method that worked for him. Lots of encouragement and step-by-stem instruction became the methods of his teaching.

Matthew resides in Boyne City, Michigan, with his wife, Kathleen, and his children. He preaches and draws in church revivals and meetings for as many as 20,000 people. He has taught hundreds in effective chalk art. Many of his students work with chalk art full time. He also operates Eternity Arts, a ministry that holds classes and manufactures materials for Gospel chalk artists around the world.